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Founded in 1996, the Office of CEP survey is a society with limited responsibility of Tunisian Right, resident in Tunis.

Since her creation, CEP browsed a big path to the service of the engineering and enlivened of a big ambition for the future.

The Society already has to her asset several projects of infrastructures truck chart, hydraulics, various natures works, economics studies, studies of impacts on the surrounding.

With the experience besides of 20 years of her founders in the domain of the engineering, the office didn't stop reinforcing her structure in personnel and in material in order to vary the services and to assure a quality of benefits answering to the requests of her customers.

Strong with her structure and her means as well in personnel that in material, furnishing of CEP cover several aspects of the engineering.

4, Essalem 4, Cité Olympique-1003 Tunis
Tél: 71 773 567
Fax: 71 772 867
  [email protected]